Dr. Abacus - Music and Rumors About Town...
"Complete with their own version of the Sesame Street theme, Dr. Abacus is puttin' it down with what we lovingly call cartoon jazz, Zappa jazz or just crazy jazz. Unleashing an unabashedly quirky, flamboyant and caffeinated weird Jazz composite with enough spunk to keep your nervous twitchin' up to speed, this group, armed with their 64-count jumbo box of half-eaten crayons, is refusing to stay in the lines and keep the glue bottles out of their noses. Occasionally echoing the bouncing-off-the-wall flair of Squirrel Nut Zippers, you're more than likely to start imagining slaptick spy movies like the Naked Gun or Dragnet. Fun, fun, fun." - Derek Sivers President, CD Baby & Hostbaby
"A mellifluous shower of old timey, slightly feral-minded jazz." -SF Weekly
"A looney tune jazz quintet" - Urbanview Magazine
"a five-piece instrumental group whose vibes-trombone-sax-bass-drums sound dwells on the outskirts of vintage-soundtrack land, la low-budget Henry Mancini or Nino Rota" -East Bay Express
"I have two words for you. Raymond Scott." - Rick Corrigan, pickPocket ensemble

Selections from our new album, Dr. Abacus (right-click to download):

Banana Peel Two Step (our theme song)
Mood Vertigo (prequel to the lost tune "Barf Bag to Hong Kong")
Circus Theme (adapted from Rosin Coven's Beetle Opera)
Buster Keaton (the ultimate crime-stopper)
The Wizard Of Iron Lung (did somebody say Ka-Blak-Um!?)
Black Bunny Slippers (relax...try not to notice your toes are being nibbled off)